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"Welcome to my Yogaworld. I am Kari and I care for you."


Since more than 20 years I am practicing Yoga, being a certified yoga teacher since 2005. Now having the privilege to teach around the globe.

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I was always convinced the teacher and the student has to be in the same room. But life shows us differently and new situations give different perspectives and views on things. So I started offering online yoga classes and now i shoot and edit yoga videos, which is kind of wonderful as I unify my old passion (moving pictures) with my lifelong passion which is Yoga.

But still I have to admit (although embracing the digital world) this does not replace teaching in person, but at least it gives you the possibilty to practice anytime, anywhere and how often you want.


* Please ensure that you always practice with full awareness and never go beyond your capacity, but still be open to your potential.


Enjoy the Yogaasana videos, Yoga Snippets and Moments of Stillness, Mantras, Pranayama, Preparation for Meditation classes.


Please feel free to leave a comment under: kari@gentle-yoga.de



With all my love



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