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I am deeply honored to have had the priviledge to teach in Nashik for Patanjali Yoga Institut, at Eternal Yog Academy and for Yog Vidya Dham at the Indian Medical Association (the audience was Medical Doctors and Senior Yoga Teachers), in Mumbai at New Age Yoga Institut and in Bhubaneswar at the renowned Sri Sri University and in New Delhi at sthan. Thank you God,

stimmen meiner teilnehmer

"Dear Karin.
You are one of very rare souls I have came across and influenced me with their purity. Before meeting you I felt only Indians can understand the yoga in real but you changed my views completely.
The Therapy Session for my back pain was an amazing experience. It felt like something deep seated came out and made me feel releived.
I appreciate your deep knowledge and expertize in Indian philosophy. I was amazed to see your knowledge of Bhagwadgita in Mumbai, India.
Deep in my heart I respect you for your kind and humanitarian approach towards mankind. Thank you for being there in my life. All the best for your future."

Dr. S. from Pune / India

"I loved Karin's workshop on the Bhagavad Gita - yogah karma su kausalam - and on Patanjali's Yoga Sutra - klesha and samskaras -.She is taking yoga in the direction it needs to go - away from ego. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of Karin's workshop. With you, I understand the connection of body, mind and spirit - the true essence of yoga. The workshop was organized by The Patanjali Yoga Institut in Nashik and was highly appreciated."

Y. from Nashik / India

"As I know Karin personally a part from being a yoga instructor she is a beautiful soul and she believes in whatever she says. When she was in India I requested her to conduct some lectures and to share her experiences in yoga and healing through yoga, inspite of having a busy schedule she agreed and I can say that it was one of the best yoga lectures and experiences I ever had. And all the participants were delighted by her experience. Thank you Karin for delivering your experience on how yoga can be used to heal body, mind and soul. I wish you good luck."

N. from Patanjali Yoga Institut / India











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