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stimmen meiner schüler

"Karin...she came into my life quietly and silently like the wind's breeze. She did this quietly and modestly, but with a lot of love, soft sturdiness, experience and knowledge, lived and seen through her heart and soul, This is how the Masters / Teachers come into our lives. I needed to meet this Teacher. And she came. And broke my EGO many times. She put back the pieces of me together which we have left. She build me up. Embraced me. Taught me. 

And now there is the moment for me to say my modest Thank you to the Universe for this teacher of mine, Karin. Let her live for a long time on Earth because my soul and other souls need the light and knowledge she brings.

Karin, Thank you that you are here. Be...."

I. from Bulgaria

"I've read recently 'practice yoga not to become better, but to become better in living.' That would be close to what I would say about Karin, because the way she feels and teaches yoga is the way she lives. She says, you don't need to achieve anything in yoga. The only thing is just breath and be."

V. from Bulgaria

"What is Karin for me?

K ind

A ware

R esponsible

I ntegral

N eeded


F aithful

U nderstanding

R eflective

T ruthful

M other

E ducating

I n her self

E volved

R easonable"

S. from Bulgaria

"Thank you for sharing your experience and sharing your love. I am so blessed to have you as a teacher. I keep you in my heart - forever. I am with you everywhere you go. Thank you very much."

M. from Bulgaria











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